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From: Tristan
Subject: Breaking Down Barriers Part 4The story herein is copyrighted by the author. It contains descriptions of
sexual activity between consenting adults and is intended for adult readers
I awoke the next morning to the sound of Tom's cell phone ringing. I looked
at my watch and saw that it was about 5 AM."Shit, toss me that, will you?" Tom said in a scratchy voice as he leaned
over the edge of the top bunk. "It's on the dresser."I grabbed the phone and tossed it up to Tom."Hello?" he said. "What? Oh... shit. When?"I could see that something was wrong. "Tom, what is it?"Tom flipped the phone closed and swung his legs over the side of the bed.
"It's Gabe, my father-in-law. He passed away during the night.""My god, I'm sorry. How's Lois?""A wreck. She's a wreck. Listen, we're gonna have to cut the trip short and
head back." He jumped down from the bunk. russian preteen nymphets
"I have to go and break the news
to the boys. They new their grandfather was ill, but this is gonna be a
shock just the same."He pulled his shorts over his boxers and headed barefoot for the cabin door.
I stood there, still naked, and hesitated. There was dried cum in my chest
hair and in my pubes, and Tom could see it just as well as I could."Look," he said, "just throw on some clothes. No one will ever notice... You
and I will talk about last night some other time."I quickly pulled on a t-shirt and boxers and followed him out the door.
My wife Margaret and I attended the wake and the funeral. After the burial,
Tom and Lois left their kids in our care and went out of town for a few days
to empty Gabe's apartment and gather up his belongings. Given the situation,
Tom and I never had a chance to discuss what had happened between us, and I
began to think that we would simply brush it under the carpet and never
mention it again.Margaret entered our den from the underground preteen hardcore kitchen. I was playing video games with
the four boys. "Robby, Mark," she began. "I have some good news - your mom
just sites preteen naked called from her cell phone. She'll be here in two minutes. We're all
going to have dinner together before you go back to your house later
tonight.""What about dad?" Rob said, barely looking up from the television."Yeah, what about dad?" Mark echoed."Your dad will be here for dinner a little later." Margaret turned to me.
"Honey, Tom wants you to meet him at their house now and help him unload
some things from the van. In the meantime Lois and I will start dinner for
us and the kids.""Right," I said, "no problem."I grabbed the keys and headed out to the driveway. Lois was about to pull in
just as I was backing out. We both rolled down our windows."I'll see you later," I called out."Thanks, John. Tom will appreciate the help. He's waiting for you back at
the house."Lois waved as I continued to back out.A few minutes later I pulled up and parked next to Tom's dark tgp euro preteen
blue minivan
in his driveway. Tom rushed out of the front door to greet me. I could see
that he was already hot and sweaty, and was wearing a pair of old cut-off
shorts, no modelling preteen
shirt, and old dirty sneakers with long sweat socks bunched up at
his ankles."Hey buddy." Tom reached out and we gave each other an open handshake and a
pat on the back. "Thanks for coming to help me out. I can't thank you
enough."I could feel the sweat on Tom's back. "Looks like preteens illegal sex you've really been working
at it today...""Yeah, but I need your help moving Gabe's mattress and box spring into the
basement. Lois says we're gonna set it up as a kind of guest room for now.
I'd rather just dump 'em, but...""I get the picture.""Look, take your shirt off, it's pretty hot out here."I took his suggestion, and tossed my shirt onto the front seat of my car.
"Okay, let's get moving."We managed to move the queen size box spring first, maneuver it around the
stair well and then down into the basement. Tom had already set up the
frame, as well as the brass head board and foot board. We had a bit more
trouble with the preteen modelstgp
mattress, since it kept twisting as we tried to move it,
but we finally got it passed the basement door and tried our best to line it
up with the box spring."Okay..." Tom was directing, "a little more... that's right. Yeah, that's
it."We managed to line them up pretty well. We let the mattress down, and Tom
immediately collapsed onto the bed."Thanks, buddy. I'm exhausted.""No problem," I said. "Glad to help.""Do me a favor, pull these fucking sneakers off me. My feat are killing me."I sat down on the edge of the bed and untied his laces. I pulled off his
sneakers and sweat socks. The heady smell of his sweaty feet was almost
overwhelming."Damn, your feet stink.""I doubt yours smell any better."I laughed. "Wannna bet? Yours have to be the fuckin' worst..."Tom suddenly sat up in the bed. "Yeah, I'll bet you. I'll bet yours stink
more than mine." He pulled my legs around and started to untie my sneakers.
He took one off, then the other, then brought each sneaker to his nose and
inhaled. He didn't say anything."Well?" I said, laughing.Tom chuckled. "Well, okay, you win here. You're right. Mine are worse. But
that's not the real test. It's the underwear.""Underwear? You gotta be kidding.""No, seriously, that's the true test. Come here..."Before I new what was happening, Tom had unbuttoned my shorts and pulled
them and my underwear off in one quick motion."Hey, just a second!" I shouted.He put my underwear up to his face and inhaled again."Yeah," he said with a smirk. "Holy shit..."Tom stood up, and quickly stripped. His dick bobbed out in front of him and
was already semi-hard.He held his own underwear up to my face. "Go on, smell mine..."I stood there, dumbfounded."Don't be a wimp," he said. "Take a sniff."I did as I was told. I brought his underwear up to my nose and breathed in
the thick, sweaty odor of Tom's ass crack. As if right on cue, my dick
started to stiffen."Well, what do you think?" he asked."I... I dunno...""By the look of your dick...""You're not exactly flaccid, child preteen galleries you know," I retorted."True enough. Now we'll switch."Tom switched our underwear, and we both stood there, inhaling in our own
scents. My dick continued to grow, and I tried to cover it with my hand in,
but to no avail. I just didn't want to let on that the xxx preteen movies
smell of our asses
was preteen nude kds
getting me turned on, but it was all too obvious."Right, you definitely lose this one," he said finally. "Yours are far, far
worse, I'm afraid..."I had to agree. "Okay, so mine are worse. Let's get dressed again.""Not so fast, buddy. Get down on the bed. I have something I want to show
you. You lost the bet, after all..."Tom took me by the shoulders and pushed me onto the bed. He pulled my left
hand off my dick, exposing my stiff shaft completely. My dick bounced
upwards."I guess you're ready for this!" he laughed as I squirmed beneath him.
Before I knew what was happening, Tom had reached for his dirty sweat socks
and was tying my wrist to the brass headboard... first the one, then the
other. All the while, we were both laughing and struggling at the same time.There I was, on my back with my arms over my head and my wrists secure. My
dick stood at attention. Tom checked to make sure the socks were tied
tightly, then got up from the bed and headed out the door to the garage.
"I'll be right back.""Okay, big joke!" I called after him, struggling to get free. "Come on,
fun's over, untie me!"There was no answer, and I just couldn't seem to get me hands free.A minute later, Tom came back in from the garage. He had a large brown paper
bag in one hand."Hey, man, what's the story..." I began, but Tom suddenly looked dead
serious. He didn't answer. He just picked up my underwear from the floor,
pulled my mouth open and stuffed bubbles model preteen them in. I started to choke and gag, and
battled to get my arms free.He said, "Hey John, relax, buddy." Suddenly Tom seemed himself again. "Just
breathe. Come on, this is all in good fun. Relax. Breathe through your
nose."Tom went over to the wall switch and dimmed the preteen paysites sexy lights a bit. His dick was
at full attention like mine and bobbed in front of him as he walked. I
looked down at my own dick and saw that a bead of precum had already formed
at the tip. There was no denying it--- our horseplay had gotten us both
completely aroused."Right," he announced decidedly, "let's get started."Tom sat down on the bed, and reached into the paper bag. He pulled out a
bottle of some kind."This will help it along."He popped the plastic top, and squeezed out some clear jelly into his hand."It's just some lube," he said with a smile. He pushed my legs apart, and
began to rub the lube on my dick and balls."Now for that hole of yours. Just pretend I'm your doctor and you're here
for a prostate exam. No big deal. It's a bigger deal for me... I've never
had my fingers in a guy's ass before."He squeezed out some more lube, and started to massage it into my ass crack.
Little by little, his fingers started probing my hole. He managed to insert
one finger, then another."Right, that should do it."Do 12yo preteen pantyhose what, I thought to myself? What was the point of this?He reached into the bag again, and this time pulled out a rubber dildo. It
was about 8 inches long and about as thick as my own dick."This is one of Lois' toys" he said, smiling, and waved the rubber dick in
front of my face. "Yeah, you got it. I'm gonna fuck you with it."He squirted some lube onto the end of the dildo and started to work the
clear gel in with his hands. "Right, here we go."He could see that I had started to struggle again."Look, John, it's all in good fun. Relax, or it will really hurt."I tried to do as I was told.Tom began to press the dildo against my hole, pushing gently. "Open up, come
on..."I felt a burning sensation as he pushed harder. He twisted the dildo, and
then put one hand on my stomach to steady me. "Good boy, that's right. It's
almost half way in already."He continued to work the dildo, moving it in deeper and harder. "This is
going to stimulate your prostate. You're going to preteen bbs boared love it."I hated to admit it to myself, but Tom was right. I started to rock with the
motion of the dildo, bbs preteen beach as the pleasure rose from inside of me. It was unlike
any feeling I had ever had before.All the while, my dick oozed precum onto my pubes, but Tom wouldn't touch my
dick. He was too fascinated with my ass, and I could see from the expression
on his face that he loved to be in control, that he was watching my eyes
tear and my hips move with his thrusts."You're gonna cum, but from the inside" he preteen boy free
said. "Wait till you feel this."I continued to ride this intense wave of stimulation as Tom worked the dildo
against my prostate. I began to tremble, and felt like I was going to
explode."That's right buddy, ride it."I kept grinding my hips as Tom freepreteen dream models fucked me with the dildo. I felt myself
reaching a kind of climax, shuddering and shaking. My dick oozed a bit more
cum, but didn't actually ejaculate.Tom eased off the dildo and slowly pulled it out."Good boy, John," he said, smiling. "I thought you'd like it. Now that
you've been primed, I'm gonna fuck you with my own dick."He took a condom from the bag, and rolled it down over his dick. Then he
positioned himself over me, modelling preteen and pulled my legs farther apart, holding an
ankle in each hand. He slowly slid his dick into my hole. He was right...
after having been fucked with the dildo, even Tom's big dick went in pretty
easily.Tom lowered his head towards mine, opened his mouth, and grabbed preteens xxx galery hold of my
underwear with his teeth. He pulled them out of my mouth with his, and flung
them off the side of the bed.I gasped for breath. "You fuckin' bastard...!"Tom looked down at me, then quickly brought his lips to mine to silence me.
I felt his hot tongue dripping preteen webcam with saliva. We started to kiss as he
continued to drive his dick inside of me.I couldn't believe what was preteen naturism pic happening. Another man was fucking me up the ass
with his dick, our tongues were wrestling, and I was loving every second of
it.Tom arched his back and was now looking down at me. He closed his eyes, and
continued to thrust his dick in me while preteen nude modles holding my legs apart."I'm gonna cum inside of you," he moaned.He drove his dick in even harder. "Yeah, I'm gonna cum!"I felt his body shudder as he came inside of me."Yeah, I gotta cum too..." I said urgently. "Get my hands free..."Tom untied the socks and I reached for my own dick. Tom quickly turned
around and positioned his ass over my face."Lick my ass," he commanded.I looked up at his hairy crack. He spread his cheeks, revealing his pink
hole. The smell was incredible.I couldn't believe what I was about to do, but the smell was driving me
wild. I just had to taste him. My tongue darted out and started to lick the
sweat from his hole. It was like eating pussy, but better. All the while I
kept on stroking my perfect preteen pics dick, and I immediately felt preteen panty girls
the cum rising up my shaft."Yeah, lick that hole. Shoot your load, that's right..." Tom continued to
instruct me.Finally I was there. I moaned loudly beneath his ass as a load of hot cum
shot from my dick.Tom reached down and scooped up my cum in his hand. I knew what was coming
next... he slowly dribbled my own hot cum into my waiting mouth. Then he
inserted his fingers into my mouth and rubbed them across my tongue."That's right, yeah..." he breathed. "Eat it all, that's it..."Tom moved alongside me and spooned me from behind for a few minutes. Neither
of us said a word until finally we were both startled by Tom's cell phone
ringing. He jumped up from the bed, grabbed his shorts form the floor and
fished in the pocket for his cell."Hello... yeah, hun, we're on our way. John and I just finished unloading."He snapped the phone closed and tossed me my own underwear."That wasn't a lie," he said with a smile. "Let's hurry up. They've got
dinner on the table. We'll talk about this later."
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